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Reviews (26)

26 reviews for Excel 2021 for Mac Instant Download

  1. Barry Kitson

    I was kind of skeptical at first, but they delivered on their product and it works for me!

  2. Joshua Snyer

    Great Service, can’t expect any more from a servicedesk. Was a great experience for all queries before buying the product and later while installing the software.

  3. Skylar V.

    Great service thanks

  4. Richard Oderwald

    The sales experience was very good. There was a problem that required contacting tech support and they responded very quickly and professionally.

  5. Margaret Higgins

    Easy to work with

  6. Robert Blake

    Adam was very helpful with the issue we were having, and resolved our issue very promptly

  7. Thomas Mooney

    Adam was the very best! I would use this support system and Adam’s skill with confidence should I ever need them again, and recommend both highly.

  8. Prashant Rane

    Always go to this website when needing software, etc. Great products at the best prices!

  9. Nathan Cook

    While I encountered a glitch near the end of the installation process, Adam managed to get me to the finish line. He was very patient with this 81-year-old grandmother!

  10. Scott Jackson

    Adam was very skilled and helpful. With his good coaching was able to resolve my issues. Thank you!

  11. Matthias Elflein

    Very quick. Worked perfectly.

  12. Robby Shaw

    Service was quick and very helpful!

  13. Rhonda Szabo

    Great customer service

  14. Mark Dalluge

    I had a problem with my download link not working. I got on chat and support not only answered right away but was able to resolve the problem immediately.

  15. Jeff G

    Adam was awesome at activating my product! I really appreciate the help is beyond ! Recommend 1000%

  16. Kelsey McKibben

    it was a great service

  17. Bipin Patel

    Adam worked diligently until the challenge was fixed…Thanks

  18. Lee Odum

    Great product, great service.

  19. Gilles Gervais

    Activation code arrived super fast. Great to do business with!!

  20. Raliba Boushaki

    Excellent tech support and the product worked great.

  21. Tim W.

    Great used the key and it went very well very satisfied

  22. Keith Burk

    Great company to get all your software at a great price with excellent service

  23. Mark Dalluge

    I was weary that I was getting scammed but then your wonderful customer service did their thing and got the situation worked out.

  24. Shawn Salafia

    I’m always surprised at the cost of microsoft products from their store and digit instant is an excellent choice for outright purchase of the app without paying the outrageous Msft prices. The purchase was simple, quick and easy.

  25. Tim Porter

    very nice product and easy to install ,we can save lot of our money and time also….

  26. David Redondo

    Initially, Microsoft gave me an issue registering it, Support not only knew what the problem was, but took the headache onto themselves and made the registration painless!

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Instant Digital Download

Instant Digital Download

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Lifetime Use

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Top-notch support

Top-notch support

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Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2021 lets you process, organize and analyze your data more efficiently than ever before. Never before have so many features been packed into just one product. Whether it’s for work or home use, Excel 2021 is the versatile app to get it done.

Excel is the industry standard for spreadsheet software, and it’s about time an upgrade has arrived! Microsoft understands the need for a visually appealing application toolkit where a user can select from a variety of options without feeling overwhelmed. That’s what they set out to do when developing the newest release.

Excel 2021 not only includes all of the already existing features and tools, but comes complete with new functions and improvements. Sharing data between co-workers is as easy as pie with the new collaborative functionality built right in.

With Microsoft Excel 2021, you can make what you imagine a reality easier than ever before.


Microsoft Excel 2021 is the newest addition to Microsoft’s Office product family for Mac. It not only includes all of the already existing features and tools in a more visually appealing package, but comes with new additions and capabilities as well!

Improved performance

Excel 2021 for Mac is the most efficient and stable version of Excel yet, with improved performance on all macOS-based systems. With this new update you can expect to experience faster operations that will allow for a smoother workflow in your workday!

Visual refresh

The new and improved Start experience will help you start your project the right way. With a modernized ribbon, updated tabs in Excel 2021 for Mac for easier access to tools, complete with all-new Monoline iconography that communicates action with simple visuals — it doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

Dynamic arrays

The Dynamic arrays feature has been improved drastically in Excel 2021 for Mac. There are six more functions available within this exciting update: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY.


The XLOOKUP function is a game changer in Excel 2021 for Mac. Now, you can find anything much easier without spending precious minutes scrolling up and down your sheets, or using less efficient search functions!

The function can be used to find anything you need in tables or ranges with just one row. The search term will return results from any column on the same side of your table.

XMATCH function

With XMATCH in Excel 2021 for Mac, you can search for and return a specific item from an array or range of cells. You could also use this function to get the absolute position on one value within another array — which is really useful if we’re trying to find cells at different intervals!

LET function

The LET function in Excel 2021 for Mac is a powerful addition that will help you as a spreadsheet user. It’s especially useful for storing intermediate calculations, values or defining names inside formulas and outputting them all at once instead of one by one!

Watch your formulas

Excel 2021 for Mac enables you to “watch” cells across multiple sheets and workbooks in a single pane or window. This new Watch Window functionality makes it convenient to inspect, audit, or confirm formula calculations and results on large worksheets with ease as well!

The “Tell me” bar makes it to Mac

In-app search is an excellent way to find cells, commands and help without having to fire up your browser or ask for assistance. The new addition of the “Tell me” bar on Mac will let you enter keywords about what your next action should be so that Excel 2021’s features can be accessed more quickly than ever before!

Save as SVG

Save your pictures and graphics as SVG in Excel 2021 for Mac. The app now supports saving various elements from your documents with no loss of quality when upscaling. The new feature allows you to resize these SVG files without it affecting how they look when displayed on screen or printed out!

Sketched style outline

Try out the Sketched style outline in Excel 2021 for Mac. You can give a casual, hand-drawn look to shapes with this new feature and it’s easy as pie! Try out the Curved, Freehand, or Scribble options for some unique looks to add interesting visual touches to your Excel spreadsheets.