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Microsoft Project 2021 Standard

Microsoft Project 2021 Standard is the only solution you’ll need to manage your projects. Use tools for easy task scheduling, reports to keep estimates on track, and more ways to understand task relationships than ever before.

Being able to see the whole picture is a priority for project managers, and Microsoft wants to make that vision an everyday reality. With Project 2021 Standard from the Office 2021 suite, organizing your work takes center stage with features like Gantt charts, reporting, dependencies, and more designed in-app.

You won’t have to rely on third-party apps or software at all when you manage your projects — everything in Project 2021 Standard is readily available because it’s built into the platform. Keep up with deadlines and team updates no matter how hectic things might get! Streamline the perfect schedule without ever worrying about cumbersome integrations again.

Keep track of your progress with features like Gantt charts, reports, tasks, dependencies, and task paths. Streamline all aspects of any project or budget securely across teams in one innovative platform that is simple enough for anyone to use.

With Project 2021 Standard, you’ll be able to spend less time on the tedious and manual tasks associated with managing a project, often all by yourself. The app’s efficient features make it simple for even beginners to pick up and get started.

Microsoft Project 2021 Features

Microsoft Project 2021 Standard is the newest addition to Microsoft Office with new features, better tools, and an all-around visual overhaul. In addition to existing functionality, you get access to some powerful project management options that can be used in any field of work!

Improved performance

Project 2021 Standard is the most efficient and stable version of Project yet, with improved performance on all Windows-based systems. With this new update, you can expect to experience faster operations that will allow for a smoother workflow in your workday!

Visual refresh

The new and improved Start experience will help you start your project the right way. With a modernized ribbon, updated tabs in Project 2021 Standard’s tab bar for easier access to tools. The all-new Monoline iconography communicates action with simple visuals. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

Resource management

It’s easy to use Project 2021 Standard. You just enter the number of materials or workers that you need, what rate each one occupies, and how many hours it would take for them all to finish their assigned task — then let the software do everything else so you can focus on managing your projects more effectively!

Better grid view

What’s really helpful about Project 2021 Standard is that it allows you to see more details from the grid in a single glance. You’ll be able to tell which tasks have attachments or notes, and this quick look feature makes navigating through your projects much easier! You can also see the total numbers on summary tasks.