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23 reviews for Excel 2021 for PC Instant Download

  1. Thomas Bowen

    the prices were very good. The customer service helped so much. They made sure my product was installed.

  2. Sean White

    all good, perfect support

  3. Frank Tomasek

    Great service and support. The price is so reasonable too.

  4. Sean Keohane

    Very timely and helpful support from Adam

  5. Charles Jackson

    Always buy from here. Quick easy painless transaction

  6. Kevin Lafferty

    No problems and less than half the cost I would have paid on Amazon.

  7. Tim L

    I had a slight issue installing my software and a quick talk with customer service and it was resolved and installed and good to go! I totally would recommend.

  8. Annette Saitta

    Good product and pricing; great customer service.

  9. George Nowinsky

    Product works well, website is clear and easy to navigate

  10. Tim Porter

    Had issues registering a product but Adam handled things with professional courtesy & resolved all my software issues.

  11. Francis McMahon

    Adam was very patient and a great help. A pleasure to deal with

  12. Dave P.

    Everything was fine.

  13. Galley Messina

    Adam was great, he helps me a lot and solve all my issues. I’m very satisfied. Thank you again !

  14. Dave Dickie

    Adam was great and very patient with me. Walked me through everything.

  15. Jason Leech

    Was having issue with the download link but Adam assisted and now we are downloading no problems. Many thanks

  16. John Barron

    Prompt and professional

  17. Frankie Reyes

    Great support when I had a problem activating my copy

  18. Steven Hisaw

    Good service. I had an issue and everything was settled in a few minutes.

  19. Carlos Alperin

    Perfect, all has been as promised

  20. Linda Hemmes

    Good deal on much needed software

  21. Gregory Ford

    Very cooperative & friendly a pleasure to do business with

  22. John Siew

    Had a technical problem activating MS Excel and they were really quick to respond and help me through it, and now it all works perfect.

  23. Joe Boini

    Good support

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Instant Digital Download

Instant Digital Download

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Lifetime Use

Lifetime Use

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Top-notch support

Top-notch support

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Microsoft Excel 2021

Microsoft Excel 2021 lets you process, organize and analyze your data more efficiently than ever before. Never before have so many features been packed into just one product. Whether it’s for work or home use, Excel 2021 is the versatile app to get it done.

Excel is the industry standard for spreadsheet software, and it’s about time an upgrade has arrived! Microsoft understands the need for a visually appealing application toolkit where a user can select from a variety of options without feeling overwhelmed. That’s what they set out to do when developing the newest release.

Excel 2021 not only includes all of the already existing features and tools, but comes complete with new functions and improvements. Sharing data between co-workers is as easy as pie with the new collaborative functionality built right in.

With Microsoft Excel 2021, you can make what you imagine a reality easier than ever before.


Microsoft Excel 2021 is the newest addition to Microsoft’s Office product family. It not only includes all of the already existing features and tools in a more visually appealing package, but comes with new additions and capabilities as well!

Improved performance

Excel 2021 is the most efficient and stable version of Excel yet, with improved performance on all Windows-based systems. With this new update you can expect to experience faster operations (calculations, chart generation, etc.) that will allow for a smoother workflow in your workday!

Visual refresh

The new and improved Start experience will help you start your project the right way. With a modernized ribbon, updated tabs in Excel 2021’s tab bar for easier access to tools, complete with all-new Monoline iconography that communicates action with simple visuals — it doesn’t get any more convenient than this!


The XLOOKUP function is a game changer in Excel 2021. Now, you can find anything much easier without spending precious minutes scrolling up and down your sheets, or using less efficient search functions! The function can be used to find anything you need in tables or ranges with just one row. The search term will return results from any column on the same side of your table.

Dynamic arrays

Excel formulas that return a set of values, also known as an array, are powerful tools for analyzing your data. This behavior is called “spilling” and can be used in many different ways with cells to create complex formulas or just get quick answers from one cell! Now, it’s easier than ever.

The feature that lets you write one formula and return an array of values is called Dynamic Arrays. It’s a great way for Excel users to expedite calculations, especially when they’re working with large data sets or tracking metrics over time in different ways!

There are six new functions available within this exciting update: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY.

LET function

The LET function in Excel 2021 is a powerful addition that will help you as a spreadsheet user. It’s especially useful for storing intermediate calculations, values or defining names inside formulas and outputting them all at once instead of one by one!

XMATCH function

With XMATCH in Excel 2021, you can search for and return a specific item from an array or range of cells. You could also use this function to get the absolute position on one value within another array — which is really useful if we’re trying to find cells at different intervals!

Insert premium content

It’s time to update your Office library. With the updated library, you can create professional documents with rich media content that will take any spreadsheet from good to great! Microsoft is constantly adding more shapes and icons to this collection — check back often for fresh additions or sign up for Microsoft 365 to get the latest content any day.

Microsoft Search

With Microsoft Search, find what you need in Excel 2021 with one click. The new Microsoft Search box is located at the top of your app on Windows, and provides powerful features to help users quickly locate any information they are looking for from text files or commands that would otherwise require hours scouring through online documentation.

New Draw tab

Excel 2021 has just made it easier to work with digital ink. With new additions in the Draw tab, you can now access all of your tools from one place and quickly change their colors without ever having to open another app! Simplify how you work with ink using a new Draw tab, which contains tools like the Point Eraser and Lasso.

Support for OpenDocument format

New in Excel 2021 is expanded support for the OpenDocument file format (ODF), which supports many new features. This specification was updated with version 1.3 from ODF 1.2 to include even more capabilities than before!