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Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Outlook 2021 for PC Instant Download

  1. Nar Rasing

    Wow. Awesome service. Got a bit stuck getting set up but online help sorted it all out and was up and running with office in no time. Thanks again to your online staff.

  2. Cathy Pickett

    Good Service product as described awesome pricing fast service

  3. Thomas Kranz

    Product works well, website is clear and easy to navigate

  4. Arthur Herr

    Everything was simple and straightforward. Installation worked perfectly.

  5. Lauren Adams

    Thank you for the support – excellent service

  6. Ron Peeples

    Excellent service, thank you. Everything works perfectly. Reasonable price.

  7. Deb Salyer

    Prompt and helpful!

  8. John Sinitean

    Great experience with support and pricing is great!

  9. Thomas Berry

    Simple process. Great prices.

  10. Cecilia Gibbs

    Very satisfied.

  11. Carmel Hall

    Awesome service, quick and very easy to use. Highly recommend. Thanks again.

  12. Mariano Crecencio

    Very good product, very satisfied Thanks

  13. Paula Macaluso

    The techs I spoke to were extremely helpful in troubleshooting an issue. Great service. I would buy from them again

  14. Ronald Keeping

    I bought outlook 2021, but it didn’t install correctly. The tech who helped me figure it out was great. The cost of the software was justified by the quality of the support.

  15. Ron Parrish

    Excellent service

  16. Donald King

    Everything worked great.

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Instant Digital Download

Instant Digital Download

Estimated Delivery 15 minutes or less, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Lifetime Use

Lifetime Use

Buy once, use forever because you’re worth it.

Top-notch support

Top-notch support

Remote support included with every purchase.

Microsoft Outlook 2021

The new Outlook 2021 is the next step up. With features that perfectly complement the modern lifestyle and work ethics, you can now focus more on enjoying your day and stress less about how to spend it. With new features and an improved experience, Outlook 2021 is the next top email and life management app for getting things done.

Outlook 2021 offers many features that are not in the spotlight, but should be overlooked. With this app you can regain control over many aspects of your life. Use it for business purposes such as emailing or sharing files with co-workers while planning events to organize meetings, or simply for home-use to get a more balanced lifestyle going.

The newest version of Outlook has a ton more functions than just messaging! You’ll find yourself using all these helpful tools whether it’s at home or during your work hours. Tired of using your unreliable phone calendar? Outlook helps you set up meetings, appointments, and more — it automatically sets up a reminder too, without having to think at all!

You’ll have no problem scheduling, taking notes, managing your contacts and getting in touch with people with Outlook’s smart syncing technology either. No matter where you are!

Life is too short to use an email client that doesn’t have all the features you need. You’ll be losing out on time, and important information because some of them are just not as good or comprehensive enough – but don’t worry! There’s always Outlook. With over a million daily users worldwide, it’s the most reliable application to put your trust in.

Features if Outlook 2021

Outlook 2021 comes with new features, along with its already strong arsenal of existing tools. You’ll be able to type up emails, manage your personal and work life, and keep in touch with the people in your life. All from one app.

Your inbox, your rules

Outlook 2021 allows you to set up inboxes for focused and other incoming messages. This lets you separate important mail from personal or junk messages. You can set up custom rules, whitelist email addresses, and make your inbox fit for your own unique needs.

Instant Search

Instant searches are fast and easy-to-use for finding email messages anywhere within Outlook 2021. Using the new Instant Search to find emails in Outlook 2021 is quick and easy. Just select the search bar from any screen and type away!

Translator and ink

Get your voice heard with the new Outlook 2021 translator. With 70+ languages and an internal transcription service that can turn email messages into more than one language on-the fly, you’ll be able to speak freely across borders without needing third-party translation services!

With the new integration, you can translate email messages into more than 70 languages on-the-fly and view the transcript as well as image annotations. You can even draw or write directly inside your message using a digital pen, mouse or your fingers — it’s up to you!

New stock media

With the updated Office stock media library, you can write messages with rich media content that will take any email from good to great! Microsoft is constantly adding more shapes and icons to this collection — check back often for fresh additions or sign up for Microsoft 365 to get the latest content any day.

Enhanced color picker

In Outlook 2021, Microsoft has added a new input field for color values in the Colors dialog. No more need to convert between RGB and HEX formats! For any property where you can define colors, you now have an option of entering them as their respective HEX codes such as #0F4C81 (Red), or 444 (Dark Gray).